Our training laboratories are supported by grants from the federal government and private agencies. Each faculty member operates and maintains a research laboratory containing state-of-the-art equipment for anatomical, behavioral, biochemical, computational, imaging, molecular, pharmacological, and physiological studies of the nervous system and its functions.

Students also have direct access to advanced technologies that enable the production of transgenic and gene knockout mice, gene microarrays, viral vector production, analysis of complex animal behavior, confocal and electron microscopy, recombinant protein production, and protein purification.

The University of Pittsburgh is extremely supportive of neuroscience research and CNUP in particular. Pitt maintains a large central computer facility that is available to all members of the research community via widely distributed terminals. Several biomedical libraries are located on campus. The Biomedical Science Tower 3 in the School of Medicine, and the Life Sciences Annex in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, have added considerable space and resources for neuroscience research and training.