Autonomic Regulation, Viscerosensation and Neuroendocrinology

Mechanisms of post-traumatic memory deficits, models of traumatic brain injury, and functional outcomes.
Developing a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms by which synaptic vesicles dynamically load, retain and release neurotransmitters such as dopamine and how these processes contribute to neuropsychiatric illnesses
Imaging neuroscience and psychophysiological studies of stress and heart disease.
Peripheral mechanisms of pain.
Neuromodulation of the vagus nerve in chronic diseases.
Synaptic computation and neuromodulation in catecholaminergic neurons
Cellular mechanisms of neurodegeneration, neuroprotection, and repair (in vivo 2P imaging and Brain-computer interfaces)
Molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases.
Signal transduction pathways in glioma growth, molecular markers of glioma prognosis.
Autonomic dysfunction in cardiovascular disease and body fluid homeostasis
Central neural control of the autonomic nervous system and cardiovascular function; neurobiology of nicotine pharmacology.
Neurobiology and Pharmacology of Chronic Pain and Opioid Dependence
Vestibular influences on autonomic control and navigation.