Plasticity of Circuits and Synapses

Synaptic integration and plasticity in hippocampal area CA3.
Plasticity in developing and adult neocortex.
Development, plasticity and regeneration of neural circuits
Theoretical investigations of the impact of neural variability on sensory processing.
Cellular and circuitry mechanisms underlying pathological neural plasticity
Neuroimaging and cognitive studies of age and health.
Neural circuits implicated in the development, pathophysiology, and treatment of schizophrenia and other major psychiatric disorders.
Functional consequences of altered connectivity in schizophrenia; the early secretory pathway's role in neurodevelopment and synaptogenesis
Organization of motor & sensory cortex in primates
Neural circuits in the basal ganglia involved in motor control and disease
Neurophysiology of basal ganglia system related to psychiatric disorders.
Synaptic computation and neuromodulation in catecholaminergic neurons
Cellular and circuit mechanisms underlying drug addiction and sleep-mediated regulation of reward.
Regulation of GABAergic inhibition in development and mental disorders
Biophysics, pharmacology, structure, and regulation of glutamate receptors.
Plasticity of inhibitory circuits during development and pathology.
Development, plasticity and pain processing in sensory neurons and in the spinal dorsal horn.
Regulation and modulation of presynaptic ion channels and transmitter release in healthy and diseased synapses.
Adaption, learning, and plasticity in simulated neural networks.
Contributions of cortical microcircuit properties to information processing and coding in the olfactory system.
The goal of our research is to functionally dissect the neural circuits that underlie pain and itch.
Theoretical and computational modeling of dynamics in neuronal networks.
AMPA receptors in hearing and hearing loss. Ultrastructure and the chemical nature of the tripartite synapse
Neuron migration and maturation in the limbic system in mice and humans.
Neurobiology and Pharmacology of Chronic Pain and Opioid Dependence
Molecular, cellular and system mechanisms underlying normal and pathological hearing
Restoration of voluntary movement after neurological injury.
Vestibular influences on autonomic control and navigation.