Science and Advocacy -- Every Neuroscientist's Responsibility

As neuroscientists, each of us has the privilege and responsibility to devote some of our time working as “citizen scientists,” in order to advance public understanding of neuroscience and neuroscience research, and to influence public science policy. Our efforts to improve the public’s understanding and appreciation of neuroscience research can reap great benefits both for our field and for society in general through maintained research funding, future cures, and sustained prosperity.

Please follow the links below for information on recent and upcoming outreach and advocacy activities of the Pittsburgh neuroscience community. We encourage you to get involved in one or more of the upcoming events. Participation in these events not only brings the satisfaction of sharing knowledge and excitement about the brain, but also provides an excellent opportunity to act as an advocate for neuroscience research to the public, including voters and taxpayers. If you are interested in our outreach and advocacy efforts, please contact us at cnup@pitt.edu.