Capitol Hill Day

On April 22, the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) held its third annual Capitol Hill Day in Washington, D.C.  Members of the CNUP (pictured with SfN members from Philadelphia and Texas) were among the nearly 40 SfN members that met with more than 60 congressional offices. Over the course of the day, Brian Davis, professor of medicine and neurobiology, Robin Ashmore, postdoctoral fellow, and graduate students Daniel Jimenez and Patryk Laurent, received advocacy training and visited the offices of Pennsylvania's senators and house represen­tatives. This event was organized by the Society for Neurosci­ence's Governmental and Public Affairs department to bring neuroscientists to Washington to advocate for strong, sustained biomedical health research funding. During the visits, SfN mem­bers thanked congressional members who supported NIH and NSF funding in the stimulus and omnibus appropriations bills earlier this year and advocated for increased funding for these agencies to ensure that there is not a dramatic decrease of research funding with the end of stimulus funding in two years. To learn more about advocacy and get engaged, sign up for SfN's Advocacy Network.