Congressman Mike Doyle's Visit

Pennsylvania's 14th Congressional district representative, Mike Doyle, visited the CNUP on September 3, 2009. Doyle met with Susan Amara, CNUP Co-Director, and CNUP faculty members Brian Davis, Tony Grace, Nancy Minshew, Beatriz Luna, and Peter Strick to discuss neuroscience and its academic and economic impact on the region. After their discussion, Drs. Floh Thiels and Robert Turner led a tour of the 6th floor neurobiology laboratories in BSTWR-3, notably providing a demonstration of the induction of LTP at a hippocampal synapse. Doyle then addressed the CNUP community at a special town hall meeting where he spoke about current health care legislation and his support for NIH and answered several engaging questions from CNUP members regarding current animal research bills, science education, and foreign visa issues. This was a unique and engag­ing event, and the CNUP hopes to begin similar dialogues with other federal representatives over the coming year.