Anthony E. Kline, PhD

Professor, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Critical Care Medicine, Psychology, and Center for Neuroscience


Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, John G. Rangos Research Center – Room 6126
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PhD, University of Colorado at Boulder (1998)


Therapeutic strategies and mechanisms for experimental traumatic brain injury

Research Summary

Dr. Kline’s research includes neurobehavioral recovery and learning after experimental traumatic brain injury (TBI). Therapeutic strategies that include pharmacotherapy and environmental enrichment are utilized alone or in combination to restore function and/or attenuate TBI-induced deficits. Another interest is the evaluation of pharmacological agents that may hinder the recovery process after TBI (e.g., antipsychotics). The long-term goals of the laboratory are to develop therapies that facilitate functional recovery after TBI and to elucidate potential mechanisms for the observed effects. Additionally, the evaluation of therapies shown to benefit outcome in adult models of TBI are being investigated in pediatric models. Dr. Kline’s research is funded by the NIH. 

Dr. Kline is an Associate Director of Rehabilitation Research at the Safar Center for Resuscitation Research.  His laboratory is in the Rangos Research Center at Children's Hospital where ample collaboration exists between brain experts from the Departments of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Neurological Surgery, and Critical Care Medicine. This wealth of knowledge, which includes, but is not limited to, numerous behavioral assessments as well as a variety of molecular and immunocytochemistry techniques, is available to graduate students whose interests are consistent with the overall goals of the laboratory.

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