Aura F. Ene, PhD




Dr. Karl Kandler


Cellular mechanisms underlying glutamatergic calcium responses in developing auditory brainstem neurons.

Current Affiliation

Urogenix, Inc., Durham, NC

Current Position

Postdoctoral Fellow

Prior Degree

BA, University of Bucharest, Romania (1996)


Ene, F.A., Kullmann, P.H.M., Gillespie, D.C. and Kandler, K. Glutamatergic calcium responses in the developing lateral superior olive: Receptor types and their specific activation by synaptic activity patterns. J. Neurophys. 90: 2581-2591, 2003.

Kandler, K., Kullmann, P.H.M., Ene, F.A. and Kim, G. Excitatory action of an immature glycinergic/ GABAergic sound localization pathway, Physiol&Behav. 77: 583-587, 2002.

Kullmann, P.H.M., Ene, F. A. and Kandler, K. Glycinergic and GABAergic calcium responses in the developing lateral superior olive. Europ. J. Neurosci. 15: 1093-1104, 2002.