Carl F. Lagenaur, PhD

Associate Professor, Neurobiology


W1448 Biomedical Science Tower
F: 412-648-1441


PhD, University of Washington (1978)


Neurite outgrowth and synaptogenesis.

Research Summary

Dr. Lagenaur's research interests center on cell recognition events that are important in synapse formation and function. The laboratory is currently studying two cell adhesion molecules, SIRP and CD47 which bind to one another and are localized to sites of synaptic contact. Both molecules have signaling capabilities and may be involved in regulation of synaptic plasticity. The goal of the laboratory's research is to determine how SIRP and CD47 signaling modify synaptic function.

Trainees in Dr. Lagenaur's laboratory have the opportunity to learn a variety of molecular and cell biological techniques such as cell culture, video microscopy, in situ hybridization, and immunochemical techniques for investigating biochemistry of signal transduction molecules in the central nervous system.


Azemi, E., Lagenaur, C.F. and Cui, X.T. The surface immobilization of the neural adhesion molecule L1 on neural probes and its effect on neuronal density and gliosis at the probe/tissue interface. Biomaterials. 2010 Volume 32, Issue 3, January 2011, Pages 681-692

Oldenborg, P.-A., Zheleznyak, A., Fang, Y.-F., Lagenaur, C.F., Gresham, H.D., and Lindberg, F.P. Role of CD47 as a marker of self on red blood cells. Science 288: 2051-2054, 2000.