Emily Drill, PhD




Dr. Paula Monaghan-Nichols


Current Affiliation

Carnegie Mellon University

Current Position

Special Faculty, Special Lecturer

Prior Degree

BS, Carnegie Mellon University (2003)


Yip, Y.P., Capriotti, C., Drill, E., Tsai, L.-H. and Yip, J.W. Cdk5 selectively effects the migration of different populations of neurons in the developing spinal cord. J Comp Neuro 503: 297-307, 2007.

Subramian, S., Woolford, C.A., Drill, E., Lu, M. and Jones, E.W. Pbn1p: An essential endoplasmic reticulum membrane protein required for protein processing in the endoplasmic reticulum of budding yeast. PNAS 103(4): 939-944, 2006.

Shah, V., Drill, E. and Lance-Jones, C. Ectopic expression of Hoxd10 in thoracic spinal segments induces motoneurons with a lumbosacral molecular profile and axon projections to the limb. Dev Dynamics 231: 43-56, 2004.