Lesley Colgan, PhD




Dr. Edwin Levitan


Current Affiliation

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Current Position

Postdoctoral Fellow

Prior Degree

BS, Yale University (2002)


Colgan, L., Liu, H., Huang, S. and Liu, Y.J. Dileucine motif is sufficient for internalization and synaptic vesicle targeting of vesicular acetylcholine transporter. Traffic. 8: 512-522, 2007.

Smith, R., Chung, H., Rundquist, S., Maat-Schieman, M.L., Colgan, L., Englund, E., Liu, Y.J., Roos, R.A., Faull, R.L., Brundin, P. and Li, J.I. Cholinergic neuronal defect without cell loss in Huntington'd disease. Hum Mol Genet. Nov 1: 15(21): 3119-31, 2006.

Zhang, L.M., Liu, Y.J., Wang, W.Z. and Colgan, L. Expression of endogenous dopamine toxicity induced by human tyrosine hydroxylase in mouse pituitary tumor cells. Chinese Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation 9(25): 58-60, 2005.