Mandar Aras, PhD




Dr. Elias Aizenman


Current Affiliation

University of California, San Francisco

Current Position

Clinical Fellow, Cardiology

Prior Degree

BS, University of Pittsburgh (2004)


Aras, M.A., Hartnett, K.A. and Aizenman, E. Assessment of cell viability in primary neuronal cultures. Curr Protoc Neurosci. 2008 Jul; Chapter 7:Unit 7.18.

Aras, M.A. and Aizenman, E., Obligatory role of ASK1 in the apoptotic surge of K+ currents, Neurosci Lett 387(3): 136-140, 2005.

Chalovich, E.M., Koike, M.A., Aras., M.A., Murphey-Corb, M. and Wiley, C.A. and Jordan-Sciutto, K.L. Pocket proteins p107 and p130 exhibit increased expression in macrophages during SIV encephalitis. Neuropathology. 2005 Dec; 25(4): 315-25.