Max Horowitz, PhD




Dr. J. Timothy Greenamyre


Current Affiliation

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Current Position

Obstetrics Gynecology Resident

Prior Degree

BS, University of California, Los Angeles (2003)


Horowitz, M.P., Montero, L.M., Cannon, J.R., Sew, T., Chu, C.T., Greenamyre, J.T. The alpha-synuclein regulatory transcription factor GATA2 is present in substantia nigra neurons and up-regulated in the rotenone rat. (In preparation).

Horowitz, M.P., Milanese, C., DiMaio, R., Hu, X., Montero, L.M., Sanders, L.H., Tapias, V., Burton, E.A., Greenamyre, J.T., Mastroberardino, P.G. Single-cell redox imaging demonstrates a distinctive response of dopaminergic neurons to oxidative stress. (In revision).

Horowitz, M.P. and Greenamyre, J.T. Mitochondrial iron metabolism and its role in neurodegeneration. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, 2010; 20 Suppl. 2: S551-68. [PMID: 20463401].

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