Richard Gerkin, PhD




Dr. Guo-qiang Bi


Current Affiliation

Arizona State University

Current Position

Assistant Research Faculty

Prior Degree

BS, Stanford University (2000)


Barth, A.L., Gerkin, R.C. and Dean, K.L. Alteration of neuronal firing properties after in vivo experience in a FosGFP transgenic mouse. J Neurosci. Jul 21;24(29): 6466-75, 2004.

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Wang, H.X., Gerkin, R.C., Nauen, D.W. and Bi, G.Q. Coactivation and timing-dependent integration of synaptic potentiation and depression. Nat Neurosci. Feb;8(2): 187-93, 2005.

Gerkin, R.C., Lau, P.M., Nauen, D.W., Wang, Y.T. and Bi, G.Q. Modular competition driven by NMDA receptor subtypes in spike-timing-dependent plasticity. J Neurophysiol. 97(4): 2851-62, 2007. Epub 2007 Jan 31.