Alexandre Y. Dombrovski, MD

  • Associate Professor, Psychiatry
  • Director, Decision Neuroscience and Psychopathology Lab




Personal Website

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Education & Training

MD, Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy (1999)


100 N. Bellefield St, BT 742
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Research Interest Summary

My lab studies human decision processes and how they are altered in mental disorders

Our lab studies individual differences in reward learning and decision processes that contribute to psychopathology, including borderline personality, depression and suicide. We view these individual differences as parameters of neural computation. The lab’s theoretical interests are in the exploration/exploitation dilemma and in elaborating a formal learning theory account of interpersonal dysfunction. Our lab uses learning experiments, economic exchange games, functional neuroimaging, and computational modeling. We conduct large-scale studies of reward learning in behavior and of social decision-making in borderline personality disorder.  

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