Charles C. Horn, PhD

  • Professor, Medicine




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Education & Training

PhD, Kansas State University (1996)

Campus Address

Hillman Cancer Center - Research Pavilion, 1.19d

One-Line Research Description

Neuromodulation of peripheral nerves to treat obesity, gastrointestinal disease, and cancer

Dr. Horn’s primary research focus is the application of peripheral nerve device technologies to modulate the communication between abdominal organs and the brain in health and disease. The peripheral nervous system plays a critical role in disease-related aversive symptoms, such as nausea, emesis, and pain, and can contribute to the development of cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Currently, the lab is focused on the role of vagus nerve pathways in the treatment of gastrointestinal disease, obesity, and cancer.

Representative Publications

Horn CC, Wong L, Shepard BS, Gourash WF, McLaughlin BL, Fisher LE, Ahmed BH. Surgical placement of customized abdominal vagus nerve stimulating and gastrointestinal serosal surface recording electrodes. Journal of Surgical Case Reports. 2021;22(10).

Shulgach JA, Beam DW, Nanivadekar AC, Miller DM, Fulton S, Sciullo M, Ogren J, Wong L, McLaughlin B, Yates BJ, Horn CC, Fisher LE. Selective stimulation of the ferret abdominal vagus nerve with multi-contact nerve cuff electrodes. Scientific Reports. 2021;11(1):12925

Horn CC, Forssell M, Sciullo M, Harms JE, Fulton S, Mou C, Sun F, Simpson TW, Xiao G, Fisher LE, Bettinger C, & Fedder GK. Tuning electrical stimulation of the cervical vagus nerve for abdominal signaling while reducing cardiovascular side effects. J. Neural Engineering. 2021;18(5)

Horn CC, Ardell JL, Fisher LE. Electroceutical Targeting of the AutonomicNervous System. Physiology. 2019 1;34(2):150-162.

Lothet EH, Shaw KM, Lu H, Zhuo J, Wang YT, Gu S, Stolz DB, Jansen ED, Horn CC, Chiel HJ, Jenkins MW. Selective inhibition of small-diameter axons using infrared light. Sci Rep. 2017 Jun 12;7(1):3275. > 

Rosenberg DM, Horn CC. Neurophysiological analytics for all! Free open-source software tools for documenting, analyzing, visualizing, and sharing using electronic notebooks. Journal of Neurophysiology. 2016. 116(2):252-62. >

Horn CC, Zirpel L, Sciullo M, and Rosenberg D. Impact of electrical stimulation of the stomach on gastric distension-induced emesis in the musk shrew. Neurogastroenterology and Motility. 2016. 28(8):1217-32. >

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