Cecile D. Ladouceur, PhD

  • Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology
  • Director, Cognitive-Affective Neuroscience & Development (CAN-D) Lab





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Loeffler Building, room 316

Research Interest Summary

Neurodevelopment of emotion regulation; Puberty and adolescent brain development; Sex differences in risk for anxiety/mood disorders

I employ a developmental cognitive and affective neuroscience approach to investigate: 1) how neural networks underlying emotion processing and regulation develop in childhood and adolescence, including disentangling processes specific to age versus puberty, 2) how alterations in the development of these systems contribute to the pathophysiology and risk for affective disorders (anxiety, mood disorders), and 3) whether it is possible to harness normative neurodevelopmental processes as a way to identify periods of heightened neural plasticity that can inform novel brain-based and developmentally sensitive interventions in at-risk youth.

Ladouceur CD. Neural systems supporting cognitive affective interactions in adolescence: the role of puberty and implications for affective disorders. Frontiers of Integrative Neuroscience. 2012 6(65):1-11. doi:10.3389/fnint.2012.00065. PMID: 22969712

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