Howard J. Aizenstein, MD, PhD

  • Professor, Psychiatry, Bioengineering




Campus Address

STERL 253 Pittsburgh

One-Line Research Description

Cognitive and affective neuroscience of aging and geriatric brain disorders

Dr. Aizenstein is an expert on the cognitive and affective neuroscience of aging and geriatric brain disorders. He is trained as a geriatric psychiatrist and also a computer scientist. His research program is recognized for expertise in MRI analyses methods, as well as their use for clinical research in aging.

Dr. Aizenstein’s research group has developed semi-automated methods of morphometric and functional MRI analyses. He uses structural and functional neuroimaging to identify networks of brain regions associated with affective and cognitive processing, and how these change over time with and without intervention.

Dr. Aizenstein has experience with fMRI studies in a variety of psychiatric disorders involving mood and cognitive disorders. He will contribute his expertise in brain imaging, the analysis of brain images, and geriatric psychiatry. He has extensively worked with the other PIs and Co-Is through several NIH funded grants and publications. He is a skilled and valued mentor; he received the 2009 Departmental mentorship award. He has collaborated and mentored many investigators, including K awardees, post-doctoral students and graduate students.

Representative Publications

Aizenstein HJ, Clark KA, Butters MA, Cochran J, Stenger VA, Meltzer CC, Reynolds C, Carter CS. The BOLD hemodynamic response in healthy aging. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 2004, 16(5):786-93. PMID: 15200706


Aizenstein HJ, Butters MA, Clark KA, Figurski JL, Stenger VA, Nebes RD, Reynolds CF 3rd, Carter CS. Prefrontal and striatal activation in elderly subjects during concurrent implicit and explicit sequence learning. Neurobiology of Aging, 2006, 27(5):741-751. PMID: 15935517


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Karim HT, Andreescu C, Tudorascu D, Smagula SF, Butters MA, Karp JF, Reynolds CF III, Aizenstein HJ. Intrinsic functional connectivity in late-life depression: Trajectories over the course of pharmacotherapy in remitters and non-remitters. Molecular Psychiatry, 2017, 22(3):450-57. PMCID: PMC5322273


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