José-Alain Sahel, MD

  • Chair, Department of Ophthalmology


Phone: N/A


Campus Address

200 Lothrop St, Oakland, PA, 15213

One-Line Research Description

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of retinal degeneration and development of treatments for currently incurable blinding diseases

Sahel's research is focused on retinal degenerative diseases of genetic and age-related origin. He works on the conception, development and evaluation of innovative therapeutic strategies for retinal dystrophies, including neuroprotection, stem cells, gene therapy, pharmacology, artificial retina. Sahel's group was the first to hypothesize and demostrate that rod photoreceptors produce a protein (RdCVF) that rescues cone photoreceptors, and determined its mechanism of action. RdCVF is now in translation as a possible therapeutic agent to treat a spectrun of retinal degenerative diseases. Sahel's group continuously contributes to the development of a number of additional therapeutic approaches to restore vision once rods and cones have degenerated, among these, optogenetics, stem cells, artificial retina and machine vision. Utilizing a variety of molecular and functional genomics approaches, his group identified several novel disease-causing genes, conducts research on genotype-phenotype correlations with high resolution in vivo non-invasive high-resolution retinal imaging techniques aiming at identifying patients eligible for clinical application of innovative therapies and develops novel technologies for morpho-functional imaging of the visual system. 

Representative Publications

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